Sanamedi / Company Overview


Sanamedi, Inc.

Company Name
Sanamedi, Inc.
#601 Nihonbashi Life Science Building, 2-3-11 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, JAPAN
Date of Foundation
September 12, 2012
Phone Number
Fax Number
3.6 billion yen (including capital reserve)
Takahiro Uchida, MD, PhD, MSc
Core Business
Research and development of medical devices, manufacturing and sales of medical devices
Research and development of care welfare devices and pharmaceutical products
Planning and design of clinical studies for pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and care welfare devices
Medical device incubator
Consulting services for regulatory affairs and quality assurance
Consulting services in accordance with these businesses
Certified type 1 medical device manufacturing and distribution (#13B1X10274)
Certified specially controlled medical device dealership and leasing (#5502155221)
USA local corporation Sanamedi USA, Inc.
Our offices are located within the facilities of Triple Ring Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in medical device accelerator in the United States.
*Triple Ring Technologies is a medical device accelerator with a wealth of experience in commercialization, including the sale of SkyBox Imaging to Google for US$500 million.
39655 Eureka Dr, Newark, CA 94560 U.S.A
(Inside of Triple Ring Technologies, INC)


  • Takahiro Uchida

    Founder & Chief Executive OfficerTakahiro Uchida

  • Tetsuya Watanabe

    DirectorTetsuya Watanabe

  •  Hiroaki Kasukawa

    Chief Technology Officer Hiroaki Kasukawa, Ph.D.


    Chief Financial OfficerHiroyuki Morita

  •  Damon Lawson

    Director, AVNeo Business Damon Lawson


    EMEA(Europe Middle East and Africa) Senior Manager Mourad LYOUBI


    Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Tooru Aoki


    Director, Clinical Development Yoshio Watanabe


    Director, Product Development Satoshi Shimizu


    Senior Manager, Business DevelopmentTetsuya Tokoro

  • Manager,
    Business Development


    Business DevelopmentYuko Noda


  • Yoshitake Yokokura

    Executive AdviserYoshitake Yokokura, MD, PhD

Corporate AdviserMakoto Haruta
  • – Former Chairman at DeNA Co.,Ltd.
  • – Former club owner of the YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS
Senior AdviserMotonaga Tanaka
  • – Former President at Toray Medical, Co., Ltd.
  • – Former President at Toray Marketing & Sales
510K Technology GroupKachi Enyinna
  • – Former FDA medical device reviewer
  • – Former Biomedical Engineer
  • – Experience in Regulatory Affairs over 22 years in the medical device industry
  • – Area of specialization: Regulatory Affairs (U.S.)
Patent AttorneyTakayuki Hirose
  • – Abe Ikubo Katayama law firm( in charge of the litigation and application)
  • – President, Hirose International Patent Office
  • – Area of specialization: intellectual property
Non-clinical study designEnora Rogers
  • – President, Enora Rogers, Inc.
  • – Former Neurovascular and Corporate R&D Groups, Cordis Corporation, Johnson and Johnson
  • – Area of specialization: Medical Device R&D, Quality Assurance

The History of Sanamedi

Sep. 2012
Established Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc. (JOMDD).
Sep. 2013
Acquired Second class medical devices marketing license.
May. 2014
Started selling “AVNeo™ Sizer System set” in the United States and in Japan.
Jun. 2015
Commissioned The Japan Medical Association program to support medical device development and commercialization.
Jul. 2015
Relocated head office to Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Jul. 2015
Started selling “AVNeo™ Sizer System set” in Europe.
Apr. 2016
Adopted as NEDO’s certified VC for Seed-stage Technology-based Startups “STS”.
Jan. 2017
Started selling Single-use products, “AVNeo™ Sizer System set”.
Apr. 2017
Established USA Local corporation.
Dec. 2017
Started selling needle guide for ultrasound-guided puncture “True Puncture®” in Japan.
May. 2018
Established 100% subsidiary “Save Medical Corp. “
Sep. 2018
Acquired First class medical devices marketing license.
Apr. 2019
Mynavi Corporation has acquired and made a subsidiary of exMedio Inc., one of the our portfolio companies.
Feb. 2020
Started selling “3D back scanner™” for scoliosis screening in Japan.
Jun. 2020
Adopted as the business promoter unit of JST’s Program for Creating Start-ups from Advanced Research and Technology “START”.
Nov. 2021
“3D Back Scanner®” won the Special Award in the Product Technology Category at the Tokyo Metropolis Government “Going-Global Innovations Competition”.
Apr. 2023
Change Company name to Sanamedi, Inc.


#601 Nihonbashi Life Science Building, 2-3-11 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, JAPAN
Traffic Route
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Mitsukoshimae Station” 3-minute walk from Exit-A6 Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line “Mitsukoshimae Station” 3-minute walk from Exit-A6 Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Kodenma-cho Station” 6-minute walk from Exit-3 JR Sobu Line(Rapid) “Shin-Nihonbashi Station” 3-minute walk from Exit-5 JR Chuo Line “Kanda Station” 10-minute walk from East Exit Free Shuttel “Metorolink Nihonbashi” every 10 minutes from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit