Sanamedi / Business Overview


Sanamedi is a company that commercializes medical innovation.
We have three (3) services,
” In-house development business developed and sold by Sanamedi”,
“Investment business that implements investment and support”
and “Consulting business provided as a fee-for-service”.
We cover a wide range of medical products including; digital health, drug discovery and regenerative medicine, with a focus on medical devices.


We have 3 services

  • In-house development

    Research and Development
    Collaboration with industry / academia / municipalities
    Manufacturing and distribution of medical devices
    Distribution of medical devices

  • Investment

    Capitalization strategies
    Procurement of funds
    Hands-on commercialization support

  • Consulting

    Japan / overseas regulatory affairs strategies
    Japan / overseas insurance reimbursement strategies
    Intellectual property strategies
    Business plan design
    Overseas expansion
    Joint development/industry-academia collaboration

  • In-house development

  • We research, develop, and sell medical devices in Japan and overseas.
    We will also expand overseas opportunities for other companies’ products.

    License in Japan:First class medical devices marketing license(Permission number 13B1X10274), Sales and rental of highly controlled medical devices(Permission number 5502155221)
    License in USA(FDA): Registration Number 3010805418
    License in Europe(Authorised Representative): MedNet EC-REP GmbH

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    *Currently, in-house development is limited to medical devices only.

  • Investment

  • We will invest in medical startups. We also invest in relatively early-stage companies. However, since Sanamedi is not a venture capital company, we prioritize investment in projects that are expected to have synergistic effects with Sanamedi’s business.

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  • Consulting

  • With a focus on overseas expansion, we provide a variety of services such as regulatory strategy and support for the commercialization of medical innovation. In particular, we are good at working with the FDA in areas such as 510(k) applications and in cooperation with local subsidiaries and consultants in USA, and have supported many companies so far. Please feel free to contact us for a quote. For expenses, we also have the choices of stocks or stock options.
    Consulting includes joint development and joint business.
    We are also actively involved in industry-academia collaboration and collaboration with local governments.